Pre- Concept Paper Document that Addresses your Identified Problem and Methodology

Incorporate instructor feedback from last week to update your problem and purpose statements and research method as needed. Then, develop a pre-concept paper document proposal that explains the core elements of your research project. Your proposal must be in APA format, contain at least 12 recent, peer-reviewed references, and be of the quality expected of doctoral-level work. All research elements must be in alignment and reflect a cohesive and comprehensive research study. Write a pre-concept paper document that contains the elements listed below:
• Title Page
• Title: The title of your work should be concise and describe what your research will entail.
• Student Name
• Course ID, Name, and Semester Taken
• University
• Date
• Background
• This section will provide enough information so that the reader understands the general context, settings, and basis for the proposed research. A non-expert may read the proposal so ensure there is sufficient framing and discussion of the underlying concepts.
• Problem Statement
• This section will focus on the presentation of a literature-supported open research question or problem that must be addressed. Additional areas should include detailed discussions of its scope, nature, what the problem is, how it developed or evolved into a problem, why it is a problem, and a brief discussion as to the other works that establish it as a problem within the literature.
• Purpose Statement and Research Questions
• This section provides a concise definition of the goal of the study, what it will accomplish, what research questions will frame the study, and how the study will be measured (how you will define success and failure of the study, if applicable).
• Theoretical Framework
• This section covers the theory/theories you will use as the basis for your study, including a description of how each chosen theory will support study elements, including research questions, hypotheses, the literature review, and – eventually – interpretation of collected data.
• Methodological Approach
• A detailed explanation of how the study will be undertaken and how the goal will be achieved in terms of data collection and analysis. This should take the form of a discussion of the methodology used, each step, milestone, and an explanation of each. Include a discussion of the research ethics protocols you plan to adhere to while conducting your study. Ensure that the chosen approach is supported by the literature, as it cannot be based solely on opinion or experience.
• If you plan to conduct qualitative research, include a detailed explanation of the preferred research design (case study, phenomenological study, grounded theory, etc.), as well as the preferred data collection and analysis methods and tools.
• If you plan to conduct quantitative research, include draft hypotheses for each research question and explain in detail the preferred research design (survey, correlational, pre-test/post-test experimental, etc.), as well as the preferred data collection and analysis methods and tools,
• If you plan to conduct constructive research, include an overview of the type of artifact you plan to create, how it will address the problem, and how you will measure success.
• References
Length: 10-12 pages, not including title page and references
Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards

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