Article Review rhetorical studies

Article Review: Brief assignments completed early in the course will leave you with a list of three published journal articles or book chapters relevant to rhetorical studies of display. With the instructor’s input, you will select one of those essays as the focus of your review. You are expected to (1) read the selected article carefully and thoughtfully so that you fully understand it, (2) prepare a 3-4 page outline of that article’s contents, and (3) present a 10-12 minute informative talk about that article to the seminar. Details for the outline and talk follow.The Outline: At the top of the first page of your outline provide an accurate citation for the article or chapter using a proper style format. An article citation should consist of author, title, journal, year, volume number, issue number, and pages. Prepare the outline using a consistent system of symbols with proper indentation that exhibits idea relationships in the work outlined. The Review: After you have prepared the outline, plan a 10-12 minute presentation. The presentation should start with an introduction. When introducing your review, state the article’s thesis. Be sure to explain how the articlerelates toan important idea or issue or theme relevant to rhetorical studies of display. The body of the presentation should (1) explain clearly the main analytical points of the essay and (2) illustrate those analytical points with clarifying examples. Good examples will enrich the content of your talk and stimulate interest. Examples preferably should be drawn from the author’s study. If visualillustrations are needed, then reproduce and append them to your outline. (Do NOT pass around a single copy or hold up an image on an 11” x 8.5” piece of paper.) The conclusion should (1) evaluate whether the study disclosed important rhetorical aspects of the display examined and (2) determine whether the author’s approach could be used to study other displays, with a specific example. The Performance: Be prepared for the occasion. Be ready to present your article or chapter on the day it is assigned. Bring stapled copies of your outline for all members of the seminar so that everyone has one in hand during your talk. (Please bring two copies for the instructor.) Be prepared for the talk. Your purpose is to inform your audience. That purpose is redeemable onlyif you understand the article yourself. (Feel free to consult with your instructor should you encounter difficulties understanding the article.) If you don’t

5understand the article, it will show. Being prepared for your talk also requires that you knowhow to expressideas. Pay attention to your use of language. Nothing kills an informative speaker’s credibility more than obvious inability to pronounce the technical words he or she is supposed to be explaining. Learn how to pronounce the terms before the presentation. Also remember that you are giving an oral presentation. You have a live audience sitting right in front of you. Speak to them and not the outline. Plan your talk with your audience in mind. Choose ideas and concepts in view of that audience. Lend interest and understanding with well-chosen examples. Arrange everything in a coherent order, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use a conversational style. Being prepared, finally, requires rehearsal. Practice will strengthen your command of ideas and how best to express them in words; it also will make you more confident. You can work out any “bumps” in the flow of ideas before rather than during the main event. When in command of your ideas and how to express them, your outline will become a resource for flexible use. And, above all, be sure to show up for your talk. An unexcused absence on the day your talk is scheduled will result in a failing grade for the assignment.

Do the outline and I uploaded the syllubus and article in the following document. Please read both of it.



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