children risk for developing attachment problems

A few research studies have suggested that when an infant spends more than 20 hours a week in day care, the child is at risk of becoming insecurely attached. Yet we know that for infants whose parent(s) work they are often in daycare more than 40 hours a week. So if there is truth in this research then many of our children are at risk for developing attachment problems.

Do you agree with the implication of these studies? Support your point either way with the text or another scholarly source.
What benefits do you believe can come from a child being enrolled in a good day care facility?
What are the possible negatives, especially in a day care facility that is not top quality?
Whether or not day care is the ideal situation it is the reality for the majority of families in our country today. What characteristics should be looked for in choosing a good quality day care?
If your child has spent time in day care, what was your impression on the effects of day care?


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