Evaluation of occupational labor in the US

<code>For this Assignment you can consult the U. S. Department of Labor Occupational Handbook as well as what you learned in Units 1 and 7, and throughout the course.

<i>Please answer the following items in your paper:</i>

<li>Reflect and describe a <u>chosen career path in the food and beverage industry</u>. — This should be your thesis–your Introductory paragraph you state your overall intention in the essay.
<div>ID: AB213-09-10-PR-01</div>
<li>Determine the jobs involved along the path to the ultimate job you would aspire to in the industry. <u>Describe</u>: In this section of your essay, you elaborate on each of these questions as the topic for at least a few paragraphs in response.
<div>ID: AB213-09-10-PR-02</div>
<li>What job you would want initially on the industry career path you determine.</li>
<li>Whom you would want to work for and why?</li>
<li>What kind of career path you would take to get to your ultimate job? Elaborate on any positive and negative aspects of each job involved along the path you have chosen.</li>
<li>What skills you would need to get there based on your current skills?</li>
<li>What additional courses, academic preparation, and experience would you need to eventually assume your ultimate job along your chosen career path.</li>
<li>How might preparation for this career also help you in your personal life?</li>
<li>Explain how this course, AB213, has helped you on your path to your chosen ultimate industry <u>career.</u> – For your conclusion, summarize what you have described and address the last item as to how this course helped you along your path.
<div>ID: AB213-09-10-PR-03</div>
<strong>Respond addressing the critical elements below:</strong>

<strong>Critical Elements:</strong>
<li>Write your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style and mechanics.</li>
<li>Respond to the checklist items in a thorough manner.</li>
<li>Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated.</li>
<li>Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another.</li>
<li>Your paper should be highly organized, logical and focused.</li>
Submit your minimum 2-3 page paper in <u>APA style and format</u> to the Unit 10 Dropbox before the end of the unit.
<h1>APA formatting includes:</h1>
A 1-inch margin on all four sides of your paper. Use of 12-point Times New Roman font.


A minimum of a 2-page paper

A separate title and references page


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