History of U.S.A

Research and discuss the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

paper should be 1200-1400 words

Citations and References

A list of references (minimum of 6 although more are strongly encouraged) with appropriate in-text citations will be required.

Research and discuss the now infamous 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

In paper, you will address the geologic aspects of the earthquake (some topics to include are listed below). As this is a course in environmental geology course, you will also research the effects that the event had on people, those living in the Bay Area at the time as well as the much farther reaching global influence of the quake.

Geologic aspects:

In this section, you will discuss the general plate tectonic setting, then the geologic setting and info about the quake
o including info such as rupture length, amount of displacement, focal depth, etc.

Review the chapter on Earthquakes to get an idea of the types of info you should include
Effects on people:

What secondary hazards were triggered? What damage occurred?
What was learned from this earthquake? What were the long-term impacts of this earthquake? What scientific contributions were made as a result of the quake? Is it likely to occur again? What is the current state of geologic stress in the bay area?
You should have a brief intro and conclusion (no abstract is necessary).




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