Criminal Investigation Questions

For references try to reference the following book:

Swanson, C., Chamelin, N., Territo, L., & Taylor, R. (2012). Criminal investigation (11th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

All questions are based off Criminal Investigation.

Assignment 1:

-What is the most fundamental purpose of investigation?

-Define and describe probable cause.

-What skills and qualities are needed by investigators?

Assignment 2:

-What is a questioned document?

-What is the significance in the U.S. Supreme court decision in the case Berghuis v. Thompkins?

-Identify and Briefly discuss 4 reasons why filed notes are important.

Assignment 3:

-How are solvability factors used?

-What difficulties are caused by an investigator not understanding the capabilities and limitations of crime laboratories?

-Which misconceptions are associated with suicidal hangings?

Assignment 4:

-Briefly discuss the major factors that should be considered in interviewing rape victims.

-What are some of the major behavioral characteristics of situational and preferential child molesters?

-What are the major provisions of the trafficking victims protection act of 2000?

Assignment 5:

-What are the elements of the crime of robbery?

-What are the elements of the crime of burglary?

-List 8 ways to identify thieves can get a victims personal information.

Assignment 6:

-How does a salvage switch work?

-What 6 advantages do cybercriminals have over traditional criminals?

-In what ways are cities an agricultural crime linked?

Assignment 7:

-If arson is suspected, why should firefighters not alter the premises, such as by mopping up or overhauling the scene of the fire especially by the origin point?

-What role does the drug methadone play in treating heroin addicts?

Assignment 8:

-How did Osama Bin Laden vault to power in Afghanistan? Name some of the important terrorist incidents that Al-Qaeda has conducted in the last decade.

-Define the following concepts







Competency of Evidence

Competency of witnesses




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