Discussion post class

Calculate your ecological footprint using the following link:


Note – if the link above does not work, try an online search for another online ecological footprint. There are many variations of this activity, but they are all very similar. Any of them will suffice as starting points for you to address the following prompts:

What is your ecological footprint? How many Earths would be required to support the human population if everyone on the planet lived as you? What could you do to lower your footprint?
Many people in developing countries hope to achieve the same standard of living as those in the developed world (us!). What might be the effect on the environment as people in developing countries chase this goal? How should developing countries respond? Should we encourage this development?
Make an initial post responding to the above prompts. Follow this with a response to a classmate in a manner that furthers the discussion. For example, if you agree with their post, explain why you agree and offer further support of their comments. If you disagree, explain why you disagree and provide an opposing perspective or ask further questions. Above all, maintain respect.



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