Nursing Leadership and; Management

Answer the following questions for this writing quiz. Give a correct and not long answer. The answer has to be giving according to the Leadership book.

Book: Essentials of Nursing Leadership & Management

6th Edition

Sally A. Weiss MSN, EdD, RN, CNE, ANEF

Ruth M. Tappen EdD, RN, FAAN


Question 1 What is: ADC, ALOS, HPPD?

Question 2 Mention some examples of direct and indirect cost.

Question 3 What is the Income Statement?

Question 4 Mention three of the strategies for Cost-Conscious Nursing Practice.

Question 5 What is Medicaid?

Question 6 Mention the types of budgets

Question 7 What is Medicare? How many part it has? What does each part cover?

Question 8 What are DRGs and PPS? What they do for the Health Care System?


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