Effective capacity management strategies

Based on your review of the data, you have identified 3 key areas of concern that you would like to address as part of the quality improvement initiative. If not addressed, these areas of concern may affect the organizations accreditation and/or profitability:
<li>Patients are having to wait for extended periods of time in the emergency room (ER).</li>
<li>AKT is not implementing effective capacity management strategies for the resources that are currently available.</li>
<li>There are a high number of readmissions due to patients being discharged too early.</li>
You decide to work with staff and management to develop and implement new policies that are grounded in evidence-based practice (EBP). To communicate the new policies with the staff, you will write a 2-page memo addressing the areas of concern and the new EBP policies that now be in place. In the memo, address the following:
<li>Discuss the 3 areas of concern and how these can affect accreditation and/or financial status of the organization.</li>
<li>What is evidence-based practice?</li>
<li>How can evidence-based practice approaches be used to improve health care outcomes?</li>
<li>A set of new policies and procedures that includes 2-3 strategies based on EBP approaches for each area of concern that will be effective immediately</li>
<li>The memo should cite specific examples from the research reviewed regarding EBP approaches to resolving the issues.</li>


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