Trends in Informatics

This is the week to really see where technology and healthcare are connecting. Select ONE of the following trends and discuss your understanding of this trend in healthcare and its potential impact on your practice as a nurse. What are the legal, privacy, and ethical considerations of this trend? (Everyone attempt to choose a different topic so that we will learn about the many advancements in technology).
<li>Consumer health informatics (CHI)</li>
<li>Social media healthcare applications</li>
<li>Health-focused wearable technology</li>
<li>Artificial Intelligence</li>
<li>Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)</li>
<li>Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)</li>
<li>Creative measures in healthcare for use with 3D printers</li>
<li>Smart Pumps</li>
<li>Smart Rooms</li>
<li>Robotics in healthcare</li>
<li>Mobile technology in outpatient care</li>
<li>Web-based tools and software technology</li>
<li>Risk Management tools</li>
<li>Chatbots or Bots in healthcare</li>
<li>Technology advancement from your clinical practice</li>


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