Face-to-Face Communication Style

Review your results from the What’s My Face-to-Face Communication Style? self-assessment.

Note: Access the “What’s My Face-to-Face Communication Style? self-assessment” via the Week 3 Learning Activities folder.

Write an APA Format Paper do not just answer questions.

References: Cite the course text and one other electronic reading source.

Interpret the scores of your peers on the Peer Perception Survey.

Analyze how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself to determine appropriate strategies for improving self-esteem and interpersonal perception by answering the following questions:

How do you feel that others formed perceptions of you?
Were others’ perceptions surprising? Why?
What can you do to improve the accuracy of others’ assessments to your own?
Combine your analysis with your score interpretations.

Submit the assignment.

I will work with you as much as you like on this just let me know what you need.

things to include

2.12.1 Identify cultural barriers and their effects on interpersonal communication.Goal Set & CategoryBSCOM_234Course Objective
2.22.2 Determine appropriate intercultural communication strategies.Goal Set & CategoryBSCOM_234Course Objective
3.13.1 Explain how interpersonal perceptions are formed.Goal Set & CategoryBSCOM_234Course ObjectiveShow Less
3.33.3 Determine appropriate strategies for improving interpersonal perception and self-esteem.Goal Set & CategoryBSCOM_234Course Objective


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