Customer Service Representatives Job Analysis

Choose a job that you are interested in (for this assignment, you may NOT choose your own job). Conduct an informal job analysis on that job title, and submit a brief narrative report according to the steps below:

1. Determine what job title you will analyze. 2. Look up the job title on O*NET ( to learn as much as you can about it. 3. Interview at least 2 people who are knowledgeable about the job: o 1 incumbent o 1 additional person (can be supervisor/manager or incumbent) 4. Work with the incumbent to list the 5-10 most important and frequently performed tasks he or she does on the job. 5. Observe the incumbent performing the job for at least 30 minutes. 6. Write a brief job description for the job title. 7. Write a minimum of 5 specific task statements or duties performed on the job. 8. Write a minimum of 5 specific KSAOs necessary to perform the job. 9. Describe what challenges you encountered during this process. 10. Describe what you would do differently if you had more time/resources to complete this job analysis.



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