Filter Theory Discussion Responses

Each response must be 100 words or more. Respond to these two student posts…

POST 1:So the question is does filter theory align with my dating history? Will i must say as I was reading through this chapter i realized that it does. It does because my current partner is mexican american just like i am and he is only 1 year older than me. Some variables i can recognize that were present in the way i met an dated were, that my relationships were usually met by close friends, sometimes even family members. For instance, my current partner was and is actually my best friend, we met through his sister, she was a friend i use to hangout with, we became friends on social media, after their we became close and then decided to date, my partner is totally very different than i am, he is very light skinned, has color eyes he is average in size, and my style of dating is completly the opposite. Its funny how that works right? I think to my perspective opposites do attract. He is very family oriented, his family is very religious, his values and his personality is very different to mine. Some variables i believe were absent the way i dated people, were that i never dated people similar to me, i am very short and skinny, and i always like the opposite, appearance to me has never been a thing. I can say i relate more to the traditional dating style. Also, some variables that were absent in the way that i met and dated people were that every single person i dated were completely different, they were always much more older than i was, they were not very family oriented, nor religious, very dependent, and some others were very independent, they had to do everything with their families instead of their friends i must say i really never seen a pattern in the way i dated.

POST 2:Filter theory has had a huge impact in my dating life. All the different factors that are part of this theory have made a huge part of my dating history. I think that this theory, many people can relate to. The variables that I mostly realized are still present in my dating life are propinquity, physical appearance, ethnicity and race, age, and values and personality. The first thing that I obviously noticed in a guy would be his looks. If I found him attractive well a conversation would strike and that’s when values and personality comes into place. Age is also a huge factor because I don’t like dating men that are my age or younger. I like men that are older than me and I think it has a lot to do with maturity. Even though age isn’t linked to maturity more on life experiences, but my parents are 10 years apart, my dad being the oldest, and I have seen how great of a man he is to my mom. The values and personality are also very important to me because I don’t want to be with someone who is just all looks and can’t really bring more to that in the relationship. Also, I like dating men that can bond with me in a cultural way. I like dating men that are Mexican because I feel there is a different understanding of how our culture works, better bonding in my opinion.

The variables that I noticed were absent in my past dating life were religion and social class. I understand that religion is a HUGE thing for many people and I do believe in religion, but I feel that everyone is entitled to have their own. For example, what if I really like the person and there’s an actual bond, but we don’t share the same religion? should this be a factor? Not in my case. Social class is also something that I really don’t care about because I am a very humble person and my parents have raced me to understand that money and what someone has doesn’t make the person. As long as that person wants to grow and better themselves, that’s all that matters.



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