An important phenomenon of self is self-serving bias.

An important phenomenon of self is self-serving bias. We usually think about ourselves favorably; and therefore tend to accept the credit when things go our way and place credit on others when things do not go our way. Self-presentation is another interesting theory. It emphasizes how an individual modifies his or her mannerism, behavior, appearance, and attitude to create a favorable impression on others. As you have learned, self-presentation varies depending on the culture, but what about the online environment? Online learning, shopping, and personal home Web pages are just a few areas where an individual’s presence is viewed.

Compare and contrast self-serving bias and locus of control? Provide an example of a situation in which you encountered an individual (no names) engaged in self-serving bias.
Explain how would the theory of self-presentation fit in an online (basically global) environment. Explain your views of the effects of culture on self-presentation and if that effect is diminished in an online environment.
Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your text and course readings. Comment on the postings of at least two peers, and provide an analysis of each peer’s postings while also suggesting specific additions or clarifications for improving the discussion question response.

To support your work, make sure to utilize your course and text readings. When asked, utilize outside sources. As in all assignments make sure to cite your sources in your work and provide a reference for that citation utilizing APA format.




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