Leadership as a Process

Please use references and write the assignment with your own words based on the resources used.

If you use any reference other than textbook and slides, please state them in text as citation and in a reference list below the assignment, following APA guidelines.

Evaluation will be made based on correctness of the information provided, your writing skills, clarity of statements, and formatting rules.

Clarity of statements:

Each paragraph should start with an introduction sentence explaining what the paragraph is about.

E.g.The following section describes the comparison between a leader and manager or leadership development and leader development.

A clear statement of what concept you are explaining, what comparison you are making, and/or consistency in concept/terminology usage.

E.g. If you are describing a manager level position and your example is department manager, continue using “department manager” term when you refer to manager level position. Do not use supervisor, mid level manager or team leader. It is less confusing to have consistency in your language.


E.g. Leadership/ OCEAN model/ competency model refers to ……………….

ØYou can state: “In this assignment, I will describe a managerial level position: department manager.” So, I will know that you refer to manager level everytime you refer to department manager or any other position you picked (supervisor, assistant manager, assistant director, and etc.).

ØDo not use contradicting statements. Below is an example of two contradicting statements.

E.g. Good leaders are willing to improve team performance through understanding the team members’ emotions. Also, good leaders try to minimize involving their emotions to the development process of the team members.

ØGrammar & Punctuation

Format:Single space, APA style, 12 points, Times New Roman


Please explain what does “Leadership is not a position, but a process!”:

Explain its general meaning
Describe the interactional framework and its 3 elements that explain the leadership process
An example of leadership process: Please provide a specific example using job positions.
Please provide your answer below (Minimum 500 words).



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