Health care Mission Statement

Instructions and Rubric attached. No need to do it in OneNote as I can copy and paste it in. This is mainly a reflection essay but if sources are used please put it in APA format. With regards to the Artifacts (assignments) and course work done the following are the classes I completed the titles should give an idea of the coursework:

Professional Leadership and Communication for Healthcare C820
Applied Health Statistics C784
English Composition C455
Biochemistry C785
Introduction to Humanities C100
Survey of the US Constitution and Government C181
Care of the Older Adult C475
Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research C361 (my papers were on Hand Hygiene)
Intro to Psychology C180
Health Assessment C349 (Video was on a comprehensive Head to Toe health assessment)
Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing C228 (assignment was done on Ebola Outbreak
Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership C489
Health and Wellness through Nutritional Science C787
Information Management and the Application of Technology C468
Professional Roles and Values C304
Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing Field Experience C229 (my focus is Obesity Prevention)
Leadership and Professional Image (This assignment is for this class) C493
Hope the above information helps you in the writing of this paper.



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