Absence of law enforcement training when dealing with adverse childhood experiences

The final research paper in this class will involve the workshop we conducted at RI. In your group of 3-4 individuals you are expected to write a final research paper based on the product of the workshops. Each master student is expected to contribute to 15 pages. The entire paper should be around 45 pages, but since groups are going to vary in size between 3 and 4 people (and master student groups) this total page limit will vary, so follow the guideline noted above. The paper should comply with APA. It should be double spaced and composed in Word.

You have to do only the three (3) sections:

(3) Literature Review and Survey of Research on the topic of Workshop: The next portion of the paper will be the review of literature where you provide arguments toward the exploration of research questions that guided the workshop. The review will be state-of-the-art and focus on a program of research on the topic of our workshop as well facilitation theory. This section should be broken into topics with headings and subheadings, so as to organize the literature review around main themes and components of your research. Paper should include at least 7 headers in literature review. Accordingly, this paper is not meant to be a review of individual papers. Rather, your review should synthesize what has been done to provide insight into the topic. The literature review should introduce the RQ that we entertained at RI. The RQ should be in the form of a question. For example, RQ1: What are the barriers to forgiveness? RQ2: What are the barriers of different languages (i.e., forms of expression, meaning, display rules) of forgiveness?
Note: My pages of “Literature Review and Survey of Research on the topic of Workshop” should based on the Absence of law enforcement training when dealing adverse childhood experiences.
(4)Methods: (5pgs) The methodology should be outlined in detail with attention to processes and procedures followed by the facilitators throughout the session and in relation to the order they were presented in the workshop.
(5)Qualitative Results: The data should be reported and analyzed in this section. This should consist of the data generated in your workshop and it should be pulled from your group’s memory log from RI. Data should be reported largely in TABLE FORMAT
As mentions above the total for my part should be 15 pages.

Each section no more than 5 pages. NOTE: If group members (majority) raise concerns about another group member’s contribution or quality to the project, the student’s portion of the paper will be evaluated separately from the entire paper and a different assessment will result

This based is based on the RI Presentation attachment open it and read it.





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