Can Public Schools save America ?

Write an essay of 8 to 10 pages on the social foundations of education. the following is the proposal I submitted for the concept of the paper:

“Throughout the semester, we have discussed the possibility of whether or not public schools can save America. Horace Mann and James Anderson argue social problems can end poverty and create equality. In this paper, I will shed light on the inequality within the education system based on race and class and argue that schools can be leveraged to create equality and end poverty. While diving into the topic, I will attempt to show both sides of this argument. In this paper, I will discuss how schools can create a structure, a foundation to build equality, and end poverty. I will also shed light on how schools might be considered a weak institution and unable to take on such a task as changing society. For example, in our literature review, we discussed Katz argument of social problems being caused by harsh discriminatory social structures. Ogbu claims you have to change society to create equality. The curiosity of whether or not the school system can empower a positive change to make such a powerful, positive impact remains questionable.”

Your paper should include the following:
• Make arguments for the position(s) you take. Make claims and defend them citing reasons and evidence.
• Address counter arguments.
• Place your discussion of education within relevant economic, political, and ideological contexts.
• Show mastery of course material by citing appropriate readings, lectures, and discussions. It will be difficult to show mastery without using at least ten sources from the course in a substantial way. Make sure you have a reference page and make sure you cite page numbers or paragraphs when you use a specific idea or quote text from a reading.
• Give your paper a title that will help the reader anticipate what you will argue.

You’ll need to support your own position and address counterarguments, that is, the things some of our authors or others have said that would go against your position. Show why you think your arguments are stronger than those supporting a contrary position.



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