Program Management

Deliverable Length:

850 Words

Assignment Objectives:

Integrate and utilize key concepts and knowledge from prior courses in the students’ project management program and general management courses.

Produce a project plan, addressing all knowledge areas and process groups, including a report to Senior Management on project or program status at major milestone review points.

Research emerging trends in project management and utilize program concepts to support the project solution.

Assignment Details:

For this assignment, update the Project Charter/Project Management Plan template based on previous instructor feedback. Add the following sections:

  • Letter to Senior Management regarding the project success: Provide a letter to the senior management to include the lessons learned for the project and any successes related to the project.
  • Discuss program management: Complete this section in the template, and provide your thoughts on program management and how resources could be shared across programs to be more efficient.
  • Provide information on emerging trends and their inclusion in future projects: Discuss any emerging trends such as agile project management, scrum, PPM, etc., and what could be included in future projects. Remember, this is about emerging trends in project management methods and approaches NOT new tools and technologies that could be useful in managing projects.

Previous assignment will be attached for reference


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