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Last Log InsCo-ManagerLast Log InLast SaveAlefa Ah Sam20-Jul-2019, 7:42 PM17-Jul-2019, 3:03 AMDani Doring19-Jul-2019, 2:38 AM19-Jul-2019, 2:46 AM

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Industry 32 Scoreboard

Game to Date Scoreboard — Year 13

ScoreboardRankCompany NameI.E.1 ScoreB-I-I 2 ScoreOverall3 ScoreBonus PointsOverall G-T-D Score1E-Happy Feet1149710601062A Foot Forward8250661673Hi-Top Shoes6844561574G KO Kicks6742550555F  Heart and Sole6244530536D Soleful Decisions5436450457B Real3123270278CFoot Runners 2118200201Overall (game-to-date) Investor Expectation score.2Overall (game-to-date) Best-In-Industry score.3Combined Investor Expectation and Best-In-Industry scores based on instructor-established 50%-50% weighting.


Interest Rates

Interest RatesCredit Rating
(at end of Y12)1-Year Loan5-Year Loans10-Year LoansOverdraft LoansA+4.0%4.5%5.0%6.0%A4.5%5.0%5.5%6.5%A-5.0%5.5%6.0%7.0%B+5.5%6.0%6.5%7.5%B6.0%6.5%7.0%8.0%B-6.5%7.0%7.5%8.5%C+7.0%7.5%8.0%9.0%C8.5%9.0%9.5%10.5%C-10.0%10.5%11.0%12.0%

Exchange Rates

  • Affecting Year 13
  • Previous Years

Exhange Rates Affecting Year 13Year 12Year 13Revenue ImpactExchange Rate Impact on
Revenues Generated in: Europe-Africa (US$ per €)1.12241.1259 1.56%Asia-Pacific (US$ per Sing$)0.73460.7352 0.41%Latin America (US$ per R)0.31630.3172 1.42%Exchange Rate Impact on
Cost of Pairs  Shipped from: North America Plant toEurope-Africa (€ per US$)0.89090.8882 -1.52%Asia-Pacific (Sing$ per US$)1.36131.3602 -0.40%Latin America (R per US$)3.16163.1526 -1.42%Europe-Africa Plant toNorth America (US$ per €)1.12241.1259 1.56%Asia-Pacific (Sing$ per €)1.52791.5314 1.15%Latin America (R per €)3.54863.5486 0.00%Asia-Pacific Plant toNorth America (US$ per Sing$)0.73460.7352 0.41%Europe-Africa (€ per Sing$)0.65450.6530 -1.15%Latin America (R per Sing$)2.32272.3174 -1.14%Latin America Plant toNorth America (US$ per R)0.31630.3172 1.42%Europe-Africa (€ per R)0.28180.2818 0.00%Asia-Pacific (Sing$ per R)0.43050.4315 1.16%



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