History of Peacekeeping 1988-present

Complete a 3-page review (double-spaced) of any scholarly article associated with the history of peacekeeping, 1988-present. Your scholarly article review is worth 20 percent of your course grade. Every word counts – write with precision and edit aggressively to the distill the most important thoughts.

The scholarly article you select for review must cover a major concept, event, or person associated with the history of peacekeeping, 1988-present. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to some of the original published history that can serve as a model for your own research. This assignment will be due Week 5. Please use the same citation style and format as the Research Paper Proposal in the Week 3 assignment.

Submission Guidelines

1. Please format your assignment with a header to include your name, the class, the date, the assignment name, and page numbers.

2. Give the literature review a unique title that reflects the topic.

3. Also, add the full Turabian Author-Date citation for the article at the top of the assignment, just under the title at the left margin.

4. Use Turabian Author-Date parenthetical in-text citations and a References List to hold sources as mentioned in your syllabus on page 3 under Course Materials.

I have attached the forum posts that I need help with responses as a word document. They are 150 words or more with works cited. Same topic (History of Peacekeeping 1988-present)





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