Final Discussion Post: personal learning experience

Part1: Please answer the question in a min of 200 words. Please see the attached document of 3 different things I learned.

Specify the top three concepts or skills you learned in this course that you believe will be the most useful to you in your present or future professional career or education. Provide at least one specific example to support your response.
Part 2: Please comment on the student post below in a min of 100 words. answer the post by giving your opinion by agreeing or disagreeing.

I’ve learned a lot during this course.Mainly conglomerate strategies and how to diversify products given the proper environment settings. The products not being relatively related may be a niche for an untapped market. Understanding the diversification of products and how they can be apart of a complete organization portfolio. Concentric strategies also have their own place in certain markets where barriers to entry may be difficult. Understanding how a merger or alliance can break those barriers is a great topic discussed in the course. Deciding if a merger, alliance, acquisition, or partnership will work best for an organization are crucial to success and ownership. Also, understanding success in one market doesn’t necessarily mean you will have success in another. Understanding those obstacles that may cause issues or barriers that may force an organization to become more technical or efficient are important factors when deciding to enter a market with a known successful product. This knowledge establishes longevity and ultimately will determine success.

As I embark on personal business endeavors I am seeking to make a merger with a similar organization to minimize barriers and take advantage of the plentiful resources being offered by other organizations. I will need to access how to minimize risk, extend resources, and establish rapport with those amongst the industry currently. Research and development will go a long way in determining the best fit for my own organization and a particular merger candidate.


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