Travel Operations Manager of Disney

Research/summary of industry trends – You must conduct<a href=””> research</a> on what the industry trends are for your dream job. These trends MUST include these areas: salary/benefits, availability of jobs/location of the jobs/<a href=””>employment trends</a>, and experience/education needed. The trends must cover at least a one-year period and must be current trends. Submitting trends that were published three years ago is not going to assist you. Research must be properly cited using APA 7th edition guidelines (inclusive of a reference page) or NO credit will be given.

Dream Job: Travel Operations Manager in shanghai Disneyland

Travel Operations Manager of Disney,

this job requires more than 10 years of Travel industry management experience and more than 5 years of sales Operations leadership experience. As someone who has worked in the operations side for 5 years, I also have the advantages of this position.

As a Travel Operations Manager, I need to have sales executive, operating systems, and working knowledge of process planning, strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills, in terms of strategic planning and problem processing has rich experience, project leadership, can make decisions under the guidance of superior leadership, has the good oral and written communication skills in both English and Chinese.


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