Evaluation of the movie “the vegetarian”

The novel The Vegetarian is divided into three sections, each of which is <a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/downloads/write-a-response-to-emuma-elish/”>narrated</a> differently. The first section, The <a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/downloads/dsl-200-journal-3/”>Vegetarian</a>, is narrated in the first person by the vegetarian’s husband (with some italicized passages representing thoughts of the vegetarian herself). The second and third sections (Mongolian Mark, Flaming Trees) are examples of third person restricted narration, using free indirect discourse (these terms will be explained in lecture on Friday). Why does Han Kang choose first-person narration for the first section, but switches to third person restricted using free indirect discourse in the second and third sections? What does this tell us about how she wants us to understand the vegetarian’s situation and story? Cite carefully-chosen details from the novel to support your argument. Do NOT summarize the plot of the novel; analyze it.

You can find the summary here:


You can check out this website to read the summary


<a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2020/07/20200224211941past_today_rubric2020-1.docx”>20200224211941past_today_rubric2020 (1)</a>



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