Final Research Project: THE APOCALYPSE

This research project has three parts (see schedule at end for due dates):
• The general topic
• The proposal
• The paper
o Rough draft
o Workshop-ready draft
o Final
You will come up with a specific topic to <a href=””>investigate</a> and research—it must relate in some way to our study of the APOCALYPSE. Obviously, the apocalypse is far too broad a topic, so you’ll need to narrow your focus. Once you’ve spent some time researching, you will then develop a position/argument within that topic. You will support that position with textual evidence from credible sources.
I strongly encourage you to use our current COVID-19 crisis if you wish. This is not a literal apocalypse, but it lends itself to great discussions/arguments about the common good, about how we keep and/or lose our humanity in times of crisis, how fragile our systems are, etc. If there is something you’d like to understand better about what is currently happening, then dig into that as your topic.
In the past, students have written about what they think will cause “the end” to our world (climate change, nuclear war, overuse of antibiotics, the anti-vaccine movement), why apocalyptic literature and cinema are so popular, what drives “Doomsday Preppers,” the motivation behind end-of-the-world cults, examples of great humanity and lack of humanity during Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 (and other disasters, natural and otherwise), and many other creative and imaginative topics. It’s important that you choose something that you’re really interested in that can loosely fit the subject of “apocalypse.”
You will present a well-researched argument. You should have at least three sources. You may, of course, have more. Your sources must be from three, distinct, different organizations. (You can’t, for example, use three articles, all from The Atlantic. You could use one article from The Atlantic, but then the other two must be from different sources).
You must include actual quotations from all three sources.
You may use 1st person. I want this to be meaningful and interesting to you.
If you find any part of this project difficult or confusing, please be in touch during my virtual office hours. 

4-6 pages
12-point Times New Roman
1 inch margins all around
Proper MLA documentation and correct use of parenthetical citations
A Works Cited page


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