Wrongful termination case study

Please make sure you use proper academic resources and proper APA standards for each answer.

A manager at an airline raised concerns about the airline’s pay practices. She also complained that the performance appraisal process discriminated against female employees. After a number of run-ins with her supervisor, the supervisor determined that the woman “could not be trusted in a leadership position.” At a subsequent meeting between the <a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/downloads/describe-the-relationship-between-employees-the-corporation-and-managing-a-diverse-workforce/”>employee</a>, the supervisor, and an HR representative, the employee was told that she had the option of resigning or accepting a non-management, part-time customer service position in a different state. The woman said that she could not leave Colorado because of her three children. She eventually submitted a letter of resignation.


Can the woman still sue for wrongful termination? Why or why not?

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What Laws or Acts will the woman cite in support of her claim and why? Please be specific.

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