This <a href=””>discussion board</a> will serve as a place to talk about these two pieces, both in terms of content and in terms of nonfiction as a genre. I’ll provide some sample questions in case you need a place to start, but I want to hear any thoughts you may have. You can write<a href=””> responses</a>, upload media – This is marked as a graded assignment only so we have a due date. I do expect everyone to respond though. Feel free to comment more than once, and once we have several responses, I’d encourage you to spend more time responding to your peers than creating new posts, just as we would do in a classroom discussion.

1. What was your response to each piece in light of everything we’ve studied so far?

2. Was your experience different when you knew you were reading nonfiction compared to when we’ve read fiction, drama, or poetry? If so, how?

3. In our literary analysis assignment, I asked you to think about the role of literature in our contemporary moment. How would nonfiction (the genre) or the pieces we looked at contribute to your understanding of that role?



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