Infographics in statistics

Infographics represent information in a visual manner and can include text, numbers, images, or a mix of the three. Using an<a href=””> infographic</a> is a great way to convey large amounts of information in a unique and effective manner. This is a tool that can be used throughout your student or professional career. You will create an infographic focused on one of the following topics:

A specific <a href=””>aspect</a> of populations or urbanization
The environment using a sociological lens
Aging using a sociological lens

Explain the key phenomena that significantly influence the various characteristics of population: size, composition, birth rate, and so forth.
Provide detailed examples of urbanization and its impact on populations.
Describe the contributions of the sociological theorists highlighted in the chapter to the study of urbanization.
State ways in which sociology offers unique understandings of the state of our environment

The goal of your infographic is to summarize and convey the key points about your selected topic. Focus on the importance and impact of your topic and possible future trends.
Use a free online infographic creation tool to generate your image. You can select one of the tools listed here: 10 Free Tools for Creating Infographics. (Links to an external site.)
Your audience for this assignment is a group of sociology students in a 100-level college course.
You must include three scholarly citations in your infographic to support your assertions. Two sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles less than five years old, and the third source can be an Internet site.

<a href=””>20200325220431website_for_infographics</a>


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