Leadership approach considertions

The Ford Pinto case poignantly illustrates the perils of ethics considerations taking a back seat in leadership and the business decision-making process.

For this week’s assignment, you’ll be recapping your overall approach to leadership in the context of your career goals and preparing for your CSR addendum (Week 9) Assignment. Please note, however, that you should be able to adapt the following categories to a variety of leadership scenarios and situations—this serves as the foundation of a customized leadership manual.

Please keep the following in mind as you work through and complete this assignment:

Describe how you are addressing the effectiveness of your leadership for all categories
Explain how all categories correlate to your leadership and career plan
Bottom line and financial decisions
Organizational decisions with potential effects on individuals (for example, could any of your decisions have detrimental effects on members of your team or band?)
Organizational decisions with potential effects on the community or industry in which you are operating
Please complete the following:

Restate your goals and objective.
Describe what role leadership will play in reaching these goals and objectives.
Describe your leadership and organizational vision and this also relates to organizational core competency matters such as branding and identity.
Who will be on your team?
What is your approach to decision-making—who will be involved in decision-making and what will be your process for reaching consensus?
What will be your organizational business structure? (if a band is part of your plan, please be sure to describe how intra-band agreements will be structured; in other scenarios, please describe the organizational and hierarchical structures and protocol).
What potential benefits (with regard to liability) do you feel your business structure can provide to the organization and individuals involved? What plausible liabilities will it help to shield you from?
What potential HR issues can arise in your organizational activities?
Cite two (2) plausible and potential liabilities in your industry activities from which the “corporate shield” can protect you.
Based on your industry focus, what are the main potential ethics issues that can likely arise in your career plan?
What systems, safeguards, and/or team members do you have in place to encourage ethics awareness and to prevent against ethics breaches
What system/protocols can you put in place to specifically address potential conflicts of interest in your operations? (Please be sure to cite at least two (2) plausible conflicts of interest that could arise.)
How will leadership play a transformative role in your organization and career?
How will your leadership approach address the issue of team and organizational morale?



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