Nursing profession regulation

<h2> What “Hot Topics” or important information was communicated to nurses?</h2>
Week 6- Assignment 11- Online Discussion Assignment-Week/Module 6 –<a href=””>Nursing</a> Regulation
Per syllabus, postings made after the due date will not be reviewed or accepted for course credit.

Nursing Regulation
Required Postings for Online Discussion Questions

1. Discuss How the of the Board of Nursing/regulating body website s the site organized? Can you find the nursing law/rules and regulations? Provide some general information about this board of nursing—what professions does it regulate?

2 What “Hot Topics” or important information was communicated to nurses? Any information regarding pending or new healthcare<a href=””> legislation</a> that affects nursing?

3 Describe the licensure process and renewal process.

4. Describe the disciplinary process for RN

5. Read your classmates postings about thewebsiteand respond concerning the descriptions and licensure, renewal and censure processes.


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