Psychological welfare of children post -disaster awareness

References will be provided. Write 8-10 sentences on each reference; Summarize, Asses (was the paper good in comparison to others and generally? etc) and <a href=””>Reflect</a> (How is it good or how can it be used to write the literature review?)

Use APA format.

This is for a <a href=””>Public Health</a> class. The topic and subtopic will be provided.

References provided are 6 references. You can use others in relation to the subtopic if they tie in with the subject but they must be peer-reviewed and have a DOI number.

The attached documents are the references and a the subtopic its on.

The highlighted reference I didn’t get credit for because the volume and pages were missing from the citation and its APA incorrect.

If you need the articles or anything please let me know I think I can get PDF download access through my university.

<a href=””>20200214230104subtopic_gch_300</a>

<a href=””>20200214225845edited_references</a>



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