Global marketing: entry to a foreign market

Project Proposal Guideline (20 points): 2 ~ 3 pages, double spaced, font size 12 (sample attached below)

You will need to conduct some preliminary<a href=””> research</a> to determine the appropriate country for the company to enter. The proposal should include:

• Company/brand/Product Background: Which company do you choose to work on? What do you know about the company (and the product/brand)? Please do your research and list the company’s international expansions (if any) to date so that you avoid choosing a foreign country that the company has already entered.

• Country Background: Which country are you proposing the company to enter? Why do you choose this country? Is this <a href=””>foreign market</a> appropriate for the company (and the product/brand)?

• Team/Individual Plan Schedule: What needs to be done and the timeline? Your plan needs to clearly state team goals and each individual member’s responsibility.

• Data Collection: What data do you need for this project? How will data be gathered? What methods or tools will you be using to collect data? The proposal is subject to the instructor’s approval. Please include all members’ names on the first page when submitting the proposal.


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