Plan to open a restaurant

Congratulations! You are the executive team of a restaurant start-up that has been awarded a food and beverage franchise at the Raider’s stadium. You are responsible for choosing a fast-food restaurant brand. This project will guide you through the stages of opening, operating, and expanding your<a href=””> business</a>.

You are at the initial stages of formulating a plan to open your restaurant. For this assignment, you will:

1) Develop a philosophy and mission statement that must be unique. This section must include:
– Which brand are you choosing and why? (KFC)
– Mission statement.
– Short-term goals and long-term financial, <a href=””>marketing</a>, and HR goals for your property.

You are expected to do research to find this information. You cannot make-up the information regarding salaries, staff duties, or best-practices. Please make sure you cite your references using APA style. This means you must have a list of references at the end of your homework in alphabetical order AND you must have in-text citations. An in-test citation looks like this: Previous research suggest that consumers value the relationship they built with hosts while staying at an Airbnb-style accommodation (Belarmino, Whalen, Koh, &amp; Bowen, 2017).



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