1878 Federal Women Suffrage Amendment

Project based on the topics listed below

National Woman’s Party
1878 Federal Women Suffrage<a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/downloads/federal-regulations/”> Amendment</a> first introduced
1 image for each topic

specs: 72 dpi minimum if you can find them that good. If images over 300×300 pixels are available that would be good, but if they don’t exist in that size it is ok.
provide full citation information for your image
Save image as National Woman’s Party, the second word doc should be saved as 1878 <a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/downloads/federal-regulations/”>Federal</a> Women Suffrage Amendment first introduced
Created as two separate Word documents. Each mock-up should include:

text describing the person/topic of your panel – with a particular focus on their relationship to the suffrage movement
specs: 75-150 words. 150 words = maximum. Aim for somewhere in the middle, about 100-125 words.
your chosen image pasted in
Save word doc with the same names as the (so that the two obviously pair together)
Provide a full bibliography on a separate page –NO Wikipedia, Citing use Chicago style

Don’t forget to upload a separate jpg file with the photograph. I also need citation information for the photograph (ie: where you got it from).



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