United States end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program

The research paper is the argumentative paper you wrote to “prove yourself wrong.” It should be a persuasive argument on a debatable position and should include a counter-argument and refutation. A complete Works Cited page should be included with the paper.


The paper should meet the following requirements:

Length of 2500 words (approx.)

MLA-style Works Cited page of all sources cited within the paper

Note: The page should include only the MLA-style bibliographical listings that were a pare of your<a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/downloads/essay-64/”> Annotated Bibliography</a>. The paragraphs that were part of that assignment should not be included on your Works Cited page.

All borrowed material, whether in the form of quotation, paraphrase, or summary, should be cited with a signal phrase and/or an in-text parenthetical citation.

Sample outline:

Question: Should the United States end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program?


Although the Trump administration believes that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program should end because DACA creates unfair exceptions for a select group of immigrants, the United States should continue DACA as Dreamers live lives that exemplify American values and contribute meaningfully to their communities, while ending DACA would have a negative impact on the US<a href=”https://www.homeworkgain.com/downloads/essay-64/”> economy</a>.
The Trump administration believes that the DACA program should end as it does not allow fair enforcement of immigration laws, but creates exceptions for the so-called Dreamers.
The argument that DACA creates an unfair exception to immigration laws for Dreamers is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide a racist administration’s prejudice against Latino immigrants.

An alternative (Note: Include a Refutation or a Concession and Refutation, but not both.)
<li>Concession and Refutation:</li>
While it is true that immigration laws should be enforced fairly, opponents of DACA fail to see that the program fairly protects Dreamers who were brought to the United States as children by their parents and did not willfully break the country’s immigration laws.

III. Supporting Point 1:


DACA should be protected because, as Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer notes, “DACA recipients exemplify [the] core American values of hard work, education and belief in a better tomorrow” (qtd. in “As DACA Case Looms”).
<li>Supporting Point 2:</li>
In addition to exemplifying American values, Dreamers make important contributions to their communities.
<li>Supporting Point 3:</li>
While the contributions Dreamers make to their communities are incredibly valuable, deporting them would cost the United States billions of dollars and negatively impact economic growth (Goldman).

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