Common sense absolute threshold

Do a mini experiment to figure out out a ‘commonsense absolute threshold’ (see Supplement D).

For instance, I might find the farthest distance my daughter can just barely hear her ringtone. So, I’d pick a ringtone (probably just a beep), and a volume setting (probably the lowest), and a testing <a href=””>scenario</a> (quiet apartment). Then I’d note how far away I could get from her (20 feet? 30?). I’d then put is all together into a commonsense absolute threshold like, “Hearing a lowest-volume beep ringtone from 25 feet away in a quiet room.”

You are welcome to redo this example or, better yet, come up with something new! Maybe test your dog, cat with the ringtone. Or try a different sense altogether, like drops of<a href=””> lemon juice</a> in water, or drops of Sriracha in a cup of rice, or…

<a href=””>20200210135735_supplement_d_psychophysics</a>


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