Develop Business Plan: Situational Analysis

THE COMPANY IS THE PET COMPANY DISCUSSED IN THE UNIT 4 ATACHED. I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED THE Comprehensive Business Plan Assignment Guidance and Template for prompts.
Written Unit 5 Assignment: Develop Business Plan: Situational Analysis (The Environment/The Industry)

Assignment Requirements:

Utilizing the Comprehensive<a href=””> Business Plan</a> Assignment Guidance and Template for prompts.
minimum wordcount 500. Address the required subject topics.
Submit a word document written in APA format.

Situation Analysis •

The Environment– PESTLE Analysis

1. Political environment
2. Economic environment
3. Social environment
4. Technological environment
5. Legal/Regulatory environment
6. Environmental environment

• The Industry – Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

1. Bargaining power of suppliers
2. Threat of new entrant
3. <a href=””>Rivalry</a> among existing competitors
4. Bargaining power of competitors
5. Threat of substitutes

<a href=””>20200201082409situational_analysis</a>


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