Essay about the Honorable President Barack Obama

Explain why he is a role model, what foundations he is apart of, what makes him so interesting and overall how good of a person he is.

*Be Sure to include lots of facts like his <a href=””>birthday</a>, how old he is, where he was born, what schools he attended (Elementary through College), whether he smoked marijuana or not, when he met his wife, when did they get married, how many kids he has and their names, what did he do before he was president, what year &amp; day he was elected president, what year &amp; day he was inaugurated, and what he is currently doing since he isn’t president anymore.

*You will turn in a typed 1-2 page outline for the last two speeches. Each outline is worth 25 points. All of your facts, dates, names, etc. should be on the document. You will also turn in a works cited page for each of these speeches using MLA format. Each work cited page is worth 25 points.

*Speech #1 (Interesting Person)

3 formal research sources required (cannot be a family member, friend, or acquaintance)
MLA Works Cited Page

This speech is worth 100 points. You will have 3-4 minutes to speak (specific instructions vary and can be found in your calendar. This speech will require you to research a famous person using a minimum of 3 research sources. You should not include Wikipedia as a cited source. This speech will require a typed outline and possibly a bibliography. Visual aids may also be required at my discretion.

Make sure you create a correct Speech outline that is for Speech class on Former President Barack Obama.



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