Critical Engagement Assignment

Read: Little Seagull 107-118 “Integrating Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism”
Read: How to Write A Rhetorical Analysis
Read: What is Rhetorical Analysis?
Watch: Rhetorical Analysis Lecture

Write: Week 3 Discussion Post: Summarizing Your Text
Write: Critical Engagement Assignment Sheet

my artcile was Jean M. Twenge – “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation”
Choose an article from Essay 1 assignment sheet in the section with the different article choices, and craft a 200 word summary about the article. Remember the characteristics of an effective summary:

Introduce the text title, author, and main poin
tInclude important sub-points or supporting points that are most relevant
Always use attributive tags to differentiate the author’s voice/thoughts from your own
After writing your summary, in about 200 words, begin answering some questions about rhetorical analysis including:

Who is the <a href=””>author’s</a> intended audience?
What rhetorical moves does the author use to persuade his/her audience?
What rhetorical move would you argue is most present?
What is the intended effect of that <a href=””>rhetorical</a> move?
In other words, how does the author hope the audience responds by doing that move?
After writing your original post, reply to someone else’s summary who selected the same article as you, and respond by answering the following questions:

Is the summary accurate?
Where might it be inaccurate?
Did you see the same main point they did?
If not, why do you think that was?
Whose do you think was correct?
Do you see any other rhetorical moves used in the article?
What did you learn from that person’s summary &amp; analysis that perhaps you missed previously?


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