The concept of specific heat capacity and the effects

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Specific heat capacity is the idea that every substance has different times of reaching its heat capacity because of its properties. And vice versa, different substances also take different times to cool down.

Take for example using a glass baking dish versus a metal baking dish to make a certain meal. Not only will glass baking dishes get hot faster than the <a href=””>metal</a>, but it will also stay warmer longer when left on the stovetop. On the other hand, the metal dish will take longer to heat and lose its heat faster. The reasoning behind this is because metal is a <a href=””>good conductor</a> of heat.

I chose this example because cooking is part of most people’s lives. It is good to know what dish to use when cooking certain food like lasagna or roast vegetables. Using either dish in an appropriate way can help make one’s food taste better in my opinion.

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Specific heat capacity is the amount of heat it takes for a substance to increase its heat capacity by 1 degree Celsius. Specific heat capacity has units of joules per gram per degree Celsius. One of the substances that has a high specific heat capacity is water. Since water takes a longer time to heat up therefore changing the temperature of water takes large amount of heat from the environment. That is why we have such different temperatures all over the world. An example is California itself, I live in Palmdale, CA where in the summer temperatures can easily reach up to 100 degrees Celsius but just an hour and half away at the beach the temperature will be around 75-80 degrees. That is because Palmdale is a desert and cannot absorb all the heat without raising its temperature, meanwhile at the beach the water is taking a lot of the heat and keeping the area cooler as a result. Vegetable oil is another example of high specific heat that is used regularly.

Tro, N. J. (2019). Introductory chemistry. Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education Limited



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