Career development reflection

1.Read the article Code, M. N., Bernes, K. B., Gunn, T. M., &amp; Bardick, A. D. (2006). Adolescents’ Perceptions of Career Concern: Student Discouragement in Career Development. Canadian<a href=””> Journal</a> Of Counselling / Revue Canadienne De Counseling, 40(3), 160-174 and write a 2 page summary/reflection of the article using APA format.

2. discussion:

Find a career development assessment and post the assessment or the link to the assessment to the <a href=””>discussion board</a>. Summarize why you believe it is a good assessment for students and what could be improved. Discuss how the assessment can be used when working with your middle/high school students in your program. In addition, respond to at least two classmates’ posts.


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