Criminal justice gender- critical analysis

Each student is responsible for a <a href=””>Critical Analysis</a> Project that will be turned in in sections throughout the course. Each section is a full paper (not a draft) and should be written as such. The final section will be turned in during the last week of classes, and will be accompanied by a group presentation. Each student will select some aspect of Gender and the <a href=””>Criminal Justice </a>System to explore and discuss. Your aim is to explore the wider social context in which gender, race, class impacts offending, victimization, corrections or employment within the criminal justice system. Each student must turn in a typed paper, ON CANVAS, in indicated length on the dates identified. All sections should be single spaced using in text citation (where appropriate). Students may be asked to discuss sections with the class on the due date. Please check Syllabus Schedule for the Due Dates.

Notes: CITATION IS A REQUIREMENT IN ANY ACADEMIC SETTING SO STUDENTS SHOULD BE SURE TO CITE COURSE MATERIALS CORRECTLY. Students may use either APA or Chicago style citations for their references. All students should complete the following review of academic integrity prior to submitting the first section of the paper. The review can be found online at…Links to an external site.. Each student will be required to keep proof of completion of the review (screen shot, printed notice)

Literature review and data exploration (750-1000 words) 25 points: Starting early on, each student should choose a topic (approved by the instructor) and begin conducting a literature review related to the subject. Since gender has not been used as a lens of analysis in criminology until more recently, often there is limited or contradictory research on the subject of how gender impacts the experiences of individuals in the criminal justice system, so students should begin to research the topic using BOTH empirical sources and other methods of data collection (ie.non-scientific sources, news articles, legislative analyses, etc.). The goal of this section is to develop the students knowledge of the topic as it relates to gender and the criminal justice system.



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