Developing a research Thesis statement

Last assignment was found plagiarism. So this time please please please do not copy!!!!

Please do not write too long sentences or too complex vocabulary. Do not write too vague sentences. Be concise.
Please read the word document instruction very carefully. EVERYTHING IN IT SHOULD BE FOLLOWED. The essay topic is at the end of the word document instruction. Footnotes are required. Each page should have at least 2 footnotes.

Also, I uploaded the required reading articles in PDF files and the lectures are here:

Please just select some (the teacher recommended some in the word document)from them and use them in this<a href=””> essay</a> as sources. Please find more scholarly sources and cite them in this essay.

In the previous assignments, the teacher found that in-text citations were not found from the indicated sources, which meant the writers cheated on the sources and in-text citations. So this time, please be sure to use the correct in-text citations from the correct sources.

Please note: a formal essay needs a strong THESIS STATEMENT at the end of the introduction; each body paragraph should have a topic sentence and supportive details; conclusion should restate the <a href=””>thesis</a> and have some effective and meaningful sentences.

Thesis statement should directly answer the essay question; do not just say “this paper will examine…” Do not let the readers guess your main ideas. Please indicate your main arguments directly in the thesis statement, how or why.

Each body should have a topic sentence to highlight your argument. Then explain your arguments in details.

Academic sources should only be used in body paragraphs to support your arguments and be followed by explanations about how you use them as supportive details.

All the quotes should be explained why they could support your arguments. Do not put quotes at the beginning or end of the paragraphs.

Academic sources should provide accessible links.


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