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For each mini essay topic:
-Reflect on the topic including its scope
-Read at least a book chapter or a journal article
-Reflect on every aspect of the topic
-Write 1 to 2 pages with a good introduction, the contents and a conclusion

1.) The structure of the public sector (1 page)

2.) Pareto optimality and efficiency conditions in a two-period inter-temporal model (1page)

3.) Optimal provision of public good (1page)

4.) Foundations of market failure and of government failure (1page)

5.) Financial, economic and social cost-benefit analysis (1.5pages)

6.) Taxable capacity, elasticity and buoyancy (1.5pages)

7.) Optimal commodity taxation and optimal income taxation (1.5pages)

8.) Nature of tax design and structure, tax administration, tax evasion and avoidance, and tax reforms in developing countries (1.5pages)

9.) Principles of intergovernmental relations and fiscal federalism (1.5pages)

Reference materials:

1.Leach, J. (2004), A course in Public Economics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

2.Gruber, J. (2011) Public Finance and Policy, 3rd edition, New York: Worth Publishers

3.Cornes, R and T.Sandler (1996), The Theory of Externalities, Public Goods, and Club Goods, Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press


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