Qualitative Study Research

(interview guide or online questionnaire)
Directions: 1. Paste in your RQs in row 1. 2. Create interview questions in each column to
answer each RQ, so that every questions asks aligns to answer a specific RQ. 3. Upload to
your chair for review and comment. There does not need to be an equal number of interview
questions for each RQ. Ask only enough questions to answer each RQ. Save this table and
use it as a content check when you analyze your data.
RQ1 Example: What are
sixth grade teacher’s
perceptions of how fifth
grade teachers can best
prepare elementary
students for the transition
from a self-contained
classroom setting to the
departmentalized setting of
middle school 6-8
RQ2 RQ# ,if applicable
(More RQs, add columns)
Interview Questions
1. What are the most
important things students
need to know to help them
successfully transition from
a self-contained elementary
classroom to a
departmentalized middle
school setting and why?
2. What skills do you feel
fifth grade teachers need to
teach their students to help
them best transition from a
self-contained elementary
classroom to the
departmentalized middle
school setting and why?
Interview Questions Interview Questions
Prompter questions: That’s interesting, tell me more? Can you give me an example?
Compiled by Dr. Cynthia Akagi, School of Education

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