Quality Management Plan: Plan

The project management office (PMO) director would like you to develop a quality management plan and a risk management plan for the integration management plan of project portfolio management software (PPM software integration) into the organization.

Create a project plan with the following components. Upload an MS Word document as the project plan.

  1. Title page and abstract/executive summary
  2. Work Breakdown Structure: in MS Word or you can create it in MS Project, PPT or Visio and copy/screen capture and paste into the Word document
  3. Activity/Network Diagram: in MS Word or you can create it in MS Project, PPT or Visio and copy/screen capture and paste into the Word document
    1. Critical path
    2. Logical relationships
    3. Lead/lag
    4. ES/EF/LS/LF
  4. Schedule: Embed MS Project into the Word document or you may create it in MS Project and embed it in the Word document
    1. 50–65 tasks with duration, predecessors, and resources assigned
  5. Budget: Embed MS Excel into the Word document
    1. By work, materials, cost
    2. By activities: level 3
  6. Change Management Plan: MS Word
    1. Process
    2. Form(s)
  7. Risk Management Plan: Include numbering convention, risk identification, impact, probability, trigger(s), risk owner(s), and risk response in the plan.
  8. Quality Management Plan: Plan: Quality Management, Manage Quality, Control Quality
  9. Procurement Management Plan: Includes plan procurement management, conduct procurements, and control procurements
    1. Source selection criteria
    2. Make-or-buy decisions
  10. Stakeholder Management Plan: Identify stakeholders, plan stakeholder engagement, manage stakeholder engagement, and monitor stakeholder engagement
    1. Stakeholder register
    2. Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
  11. References page

Basic APA formatting includes 1-inch margins, double spacing throughout the paper, page numbers in the upper right-hand corner, paragraphs indented 5–7 spaces, and first-level headings centered and in bold font.

Deliverable Length: 2,000-3,000 words

Conduct a detailed analysis of project status and issues; design required corrective actions; and determine resources required to implement those corrective actions.

Demonstrate appropriate application of project management tools and techniques to all phases of the project or program life cycle.

Integrate project activities and resources across projects or within a program.

Here is our latest school chat on this weeks assignment IP3 that is due Wednesday

I want to add some notes from the teacher, that may be useful or needed for consideration. Thank you!

IP3 and MS Project
Some of you have asked about how to submit schedule and cost info for the IP3. It is okay – and better – to submit your word file with the project plan and a separate file for the Microsoft Project data. It is really hard to accurately copy and paste the MS Project data into a Word document, so submitting the whole file will allow your instructor to look at all your work.
P3 Project Plan
Your IP3 assignment involves creating a draft project plan for one of the software projects described thus far. Creating a project plan means you will consider all the work needed to deliver the project successfully. Consider the tasks (WBS) and resources (budget) that you’ll need. Also, you’ll want to describe how the project will manage risk and create quality deliverables. Remember that quality is defined by the customer or stakeholder. This is a BIG assignment – good luck!



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