A consideration of the impact two discreet policy developments have had on the British education system within the last 35 years.


Identify two discreet policy developments in education that have taken place in the last 35 years in Britain and which have had a significant impact.  Explain why each of these particular policies was introduced, in what ways they were considered controversial, and the ways in which education has changed as a consequence.   In addition you must comment on the extent that these particular developments can be considered as enduring trends and patterns. The essay should have the following:  An introduction Various paragraphs as appropriate. All paragraphs must be properly constructed and with reference made to relevant literature throughout A conclusion A reference section (Harvard)   You must write about at least two specific policy developments which have been covered in the module. For example, the introduction of: the national curriculum; SATs; league tables for schools; tuition fees in higher education; inclusion; academies; and so on.  Ensure that you do not merely just describe the developments, but rather, you should explain what led to their introduction and to what extent they have changed education.  You must write about how each of the developments you have discussed might be viewed as enduring trends and patterns.  So for example, if you select SATs as one of your developments you can explain to what extent the current key stages and testing resonate with the nineteenth century Revised Code and ‘payment by results’. You would need to explain how different governments/policy-makers have gained control over education, created a culture of targets and testing, and how, for example, these are linked to issues of accountability (such as performance-related pay for teachers, league tables.)

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