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Please answer both of the following questions as part of your original post: 1. Using Gustave Eiffel’s design for a tower in Paris as a model, design a modern version with computer graphics. You must come up with some new ideas, rather than saying the original is best. Give us a picture of what this new monument would look like and tell us what program would you use to create it. Check out this link using Adobe Illustrator to create a castle tower (copy and paste the following links into new tabs or windows to make them live) https://www.tutpad.com/tutorials/illustration-create-a-castle-tower-scene. Here are some other options you can use to redesign the Tower:

Minecraft: using this technique you can create the Eiffel Tower. Here is a picture for example.https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-ja…

Vectr: Available both as a browser-based web app and as a stand-alone desktop app, Vectr is a free editor for creating 2D vector graphics.Platforms Vectr supports is Browser, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS.

Create a modern tower using the ‘castle tower’ tutorial in tutpad.com/graphic-design and post the link here

2. Describe a contemporary monument in your city or in another U.S. city and tell us whether it holds some special significance for the citizens of the city where it was erected. Would you like to see this monument in person?

Reply to classmate post whether you agree or not:The monument that i have used i just wanted to give an example of how it would look, this monument will be 18ft. tall with stair cases for tourist. It will be away from all other attractions. This monument will be lighted up at night like a gigantic christmas tree year round.This monument will also be made out of brass and jews, the inside will be filled of gold walk way to show the richness of the town. This monument will be idolized by its citizens, because it is so beautiful. The base will have detailed engravings showing the history it tells. A monument that i like to talk about is The Devil’s tower which is located in Wyoming representing the presidents that has served this country.

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