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A working title for your contribution (you can change the title in the spring) • A literature review identifying the sources you are using to contextualize and support the new theories, practices and policies you are presenting (sources can include articles, artwork, poetry, photographs, music, and other indigenous/folkways of knowing) • A 200-word abstract of your contribution Notable questions in searching things needed for the abstract below: Consider the ways in which the history of settler colonialist society, its ideologies, beliefs, values, language, and ways of knowing, shape the way social work is currently practiced. • How do they contribute to the experiences of service users as they interface within the system you have chosen to write about? • How might they have shaped the meaning that service users place on their own circumstances, identities, etc.? • How do they inform how you, as the practitioner, utilize your power and positionality in the processes of assessment, engagement, and intervention? • What are some of the strategies for dismantling these types of thoughts, policies, and practices? • What are some alternative, decolonized thoughts, policies and practices and the possibilities that might emerge from these shifts? Please let me know if further information is needed for the abstract?

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