Addressing the Social Determinants of Health


5-7 page paper (not including reference page or slides) on an intervention for a social determinant of health issue in which you are interested. For example, you might choose food instability, housing instability, lack of transportation, health literacy, lack of access to health care, etc. Please include the following: Description of the social issue. Description of how it impacts the health of individuals and/or populations. Description of what measures exist to assess or quantify the impact or prevalence of the social issue. Data on the social issue (e.g., prevalence, who is most impacted, what data supports its level of impact on health, etc.). Description of a potential strategy or intervention that would help to overcome this issue. Describe the strategy and if applicable, how effective it has been thus far. Policy changes that have been or could be made to help alleviate this social issue. Conclusion that summarizes and completes the paper or presentation.

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